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Moonee Valley - Sat 26 Oct 2019

Sat 26 Oct - 07:00 Moonee Valley: Ladbrokes Cox Plate (Group 1)

3/1 Lys Gracieux, 7/1 Avilius, 8/1 Mystic Journey, 9/1 Cape Of Good Hope, 10/1 Te Akau Shark, 14/1 Flit, 14/1 Danceteria, 16/1 Castelvecchio, 16/1 Homesman, 16/1 Magic Wand, 20/1 Kings Will Dream, 20/1 Kluger, 20/1 Black Heart Bart - Not Nom, 25/1 Verry Elleegant, 33/1 Amphitrite, 33/1 Mr Quickie, 33/1 Latrobe, 33/1 Humidor, 33/1 Hartnell, 33/1 Gatting, 33/1 Johannes Vermeer, 33/1 Gailo Chop, 50/1 Rostropovich, 50/1 Fierce Impact, 50/1 Youngstar, 50/1 Dream Castle, 66/1 Dalasan, 66/1 Harlem, 66/1 Night's Watch, 66/1 Yourdeel, 100/1 Yucatan Ire, 100/1 So Si Bon, 100/1 Master Of Reality, 100/1 Hunting Horn, 100/1 Twilight Payment, 100/1 Madison County, 200/1 Princess Jenni, 200/1 Quick Thinker, 200/1 Nettoyer, 200/1 Yulong Prince, SP Benbatl, SP Anthony Van Dyck, SP Arcadia Queen, SP Land Of Plenty, SP Alizee, SP Almond Eye, SP Angel Of Truth, SP Avantage, SP Best of Days, SP Best Solution, SP Blair House, SP Cascadian, SP Communique, SP Consensus, SP Cross Counter, SP Dargento, SP Dawn Passage, SP Declares War, SP Django Freeman, SP Dreamforce, SP El Dorado Dreaming, SP Exeter, SP Express Pass, SP Extra Brut, SP Fifty Stars, SP Finche, SP Furrion, SP Galaxy Star, SP Gem Song, SP Ghaiyyath, SP Grunt, SP Hush Writer, SP Kementari, SP Kenedna, SP Kolding, SP Kubrick, SP Lady Vega, SP Le Juge, SP Levendi, SP Maid Of Heaven, SP Mantastic, SP Melody Belle, SP Mirage Dancer, SP Mohawk, SP Moss N Dale, SP Pohutukawa, SP Power Scheme, SP Prince Fawaz, SP Qafila, SP Rekindling, SP Ringerdingding, SP Rondinella, SP Saunter, SP Savvy Coup, SP Sikandarabad, SP Star of the Seas, SP Super Titus, SP The Autumn Sun, SP The Chosen One, SP Thinkin Big, SP Trap For Fools, SP Unforgotten, SP Vow And Declare, SP Winx, SP Wrens Day, SP Yes Yes Yes, 20/1 Count Octave, 25/1 Circus Maximus, SP Aalaalune, SP Aliferous, SP All Too Soon, SP Aloisia, SP Ambitious, SP Archedemus, SP Astro Boy Toy, SP Athiri, SP Barney Roy, SP Beau Balmain, SP Beauty Generation, SP Bellevue Hill, SP Billjim, SP Bivouac, SP Brutal, SP Buckhurst, SP Captain Cook, SP Carif, SP Category Five, SP Chelkar, SP Chenier, SP Chief Ironside, SP Cliffs Edge, SP Cochada, SP Con Te Partiro, SP Conqueror, SP Crown Prosecutor, SP Crystal Falls, SP Crystal Ocean, SP Danzdanzdance, SP Deep Force, SP Deirdre, SP Divanation, SP Douglas Macarthur, SP Enticing Star, SP Eric The Eel, SP Fidelia, SP Fleeting, SP Fortress Command, SP Fundamentalist, SP Funstar, SP Grand Zou, SP Hang Man, SP Happy Clapper, SP Hermosa, SP Hes Eminent, SP Huntly Castle, SP I Can Fly, SP Independent Road, SP Inverloch, SP Invictus Prince, SP Iridessa, SP Japan, SP Just Wonderful, SP Kaonic, SP Kenya Ire, SP Killavally, SP Kooweerup, SP Lady Lupino, SP Le Romain, SP Long Leaf, SP Loving Gaby, SP Luvaluva, SP Lyre, SP Mayan, SP Meiner Fanrong, SP Mickey Blue Eyes, SP Miss Siska, SP Mosh Music, SP Mountain Hunter, SP Mr Marathon Man, SP Muntahaa, SP Nahuel, SP Nakeeta Jane, SP Nelson Ire, SP Neufbosc, SP New King, SP Old Persian, SP Oohood, SP Order Again, SP Outlandos, SP Peidra, SP Pivoine, SP Playoffs, SP Pounamu, SP Pretty Brazen, SP Purple Sector, SP Raise You, SP Re Edit, SP Reloaded, SP Rule The World, SP San Huberto, SP Savapinski, SP Scales of Justice, SP Seabrook, SP Sebrakate, SP Selica, SP Shining Eagle, SP Shotmaker, SP Shraaoh, SP Sixties Groove, SP Skiddaw, SP Sound, SP Sully, SP Supernova, SP Suzuka Devious, SP Sylpheed, SP Tarwin, SP Tenley, SP Trench Warfare, SP Triton Rising, SP True Detective, SP Twilight Run, SP Vassilator, SP Vernanme, SP Victory Eight, SP Volkstoknbarrell, SP Westport, SP Winning Ways, SP Wolfe, SP Zabeel Prince

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Santa Anita - Fri 1 Nov 2019

Santa Anita - Sat 2 Nov 2019

Flemington - Tue 5 Nov 2019

Tue 5 Nov - 04:00 Flemington: Melbourne Cup (Group 1 Handicap)

13/2 Constantinople Ire, 9/1 Mer De Glace, 10/1 Finche, 11/1 Surprise Baby, 14/1 Vow And Declare, 14/1 Marmelo, 14/1 Cross Counter, 16/1 Ispolini, 20/1 Mustajeer, 20/1 Raymond Tusk, 20/1 Il Paradiso, 20/1 Master Of Reality, 25/1 Prince Of Arran Gb, 25/1 Southern France, 25/1 A Prince Of Arran, 33/1 Yucatan Ire, 33/1 Mirage Dancer, 33/1 Mr Quickie, 33/1 The Chosen One, 33/1 Magic Wand, 33/1 Steel Prince, 33/1 Verry Ellegant, 33/1 Latrobe, 33/1 Gold Mount, 50/1 Raheen House, 50/1 Avilius, 50/1 Twilight Payment, 50/1 King Of Leogrance, 50/1 Verry Elleegant, 50/1 Downdraft, 50/1 Homesman, 66/1 Rostropovich, 66/1 Shraaoh, 66/1 Kings Will Dream, 66/1 Red Verdon, 66/1 True Self, 66/1 Glory Days, 66/1 Scarlet Dream, 80/1 Hunting Horn, 100/1 Youngstar, 100/1 Master Of Wine, 100/1 Haky, 100/1 Sound Check, 100/1 Brimham Rocks, 100/1 Supernova, 100/1 Big Duke, 100/1 Te Akau Caliburn, 200/1 Red Galileo, 200/1 Angel Of Truth, 200/1 Red Cardinal, 200/1 Humidor, 200/1 Muntahaa, 200/1 Sound, 200/1 Qafila, 200/1 Gallic Chieftain, 200/1 Dal Harraild, 200/1 Wolfe, 200/1 Sir Charles Road, 200/1 Hush Writer, 200/1 Alfarris, 300/1 Neufbosc, 300/1 Azuro, 300/1 Patrick Erin, 300/1 Sully, 300/1 Etymology, 300/1 Attention Run, 300/1 Wall Of Fire, 500/1 Grey Lion, 500/1 Valac, 500/1 Top Of The Range, SP Broome, SP Amade, SP Laccario, SP Buckhurst, SP Eminent Authority, SP Falcon Eight, SP Kew Gardens, SP Lys Gracieux, SP Norway, SP Magic Circle, SP Verdana Blue, SP Cape Of Good Hope, SP Django Freeman, SP Mountain Hunter, SP South Pacific, SP Barsanti, SP Bin Battuta, SP Eminence, SP Lady Young, SP Meiner Wunsch, SP Desert Skyline, SP Douglas Macarthur, SP Kenedna, SP Morando, SP Mount Everest, SP Technician, SP Trap For Fools, SP Dashing Willoughby, SP Aliferous, SP Ambitious, SP Angel Of Heaven, SP Caliburn, SP Caliburn Ire, SP Cascadian, SP Exemplar, SP Girl Tuesday, SP Hang Man, SP Haripour, SP Harrison, SP Heart Of Grace, SP Lord Fandango, SP Mosh Music, SP Nights Watch, SP Our Candidate, SP Our Venice Beach, SP Re Edit, SP Steps, SP Stivers, SP Super Titus, SP Western Australia, SP Wrens Day, SP Sweet Thomas, SP Bass, SP Beau Balmain, SP Bizzwinkle, SP Blue Breeze, SP Bondeiger, SP Dabiyr, SP Divanation, SP Echo Lad, SP Fairlight, SP Gundown, SP Just Thinkin, SP Looks Like Elvis, SP Our Century, SP Pounamu, SP Rule The World, SP Saunter Boy, SP Spanish Point, SP Stellar Impact, SP Tarwin, SP Tavistock Dancer, SP The Good Fight, SP Transact, SP Us Army Ranger, SP Vernanme, SP Yulong Prince, SP Carif, SP Ilwendo, SP Self Sense, SP Ace High, SP Agosto, SP Al Hilalee, SP Alessandro, SP Almond Eye, SP Alward, SP Amphitrite, SP Another Dollar, SP Aramayo, SP Aristia, SP Attorney, SP Auvray, SP Belgravia, SP Best Solution, SP Big Blue, SP Buffalo River, SP Californiagrandcru, SP Call The Wind, SP Called To The Bar, SP Casterton, SP Chapada, SP Chestnut Coat, SP Cheval Grand, SP Cirque Royal, SP Civil Disobedience, SP Corgi, SP Cossetot, SP Count Octave, SP Crown Prosecutor, SP Danceteria, SP Danon Roman, SP Declares War, SP Dee Ex Bee, SP Defoe, SP Diluvien, SP Dubhe, SP Duretto, SP Eastender, SP Entente, SP Exrta Brut, SP Extra Brut, SP Farooq, SP Fifty Stars, SP Furrion, SP Future Score, SP Ghaiyyath, SP Ghostwatch, SP Glory Vase, SP Gorbachev, SP Greysful Glamour, SP Grunt, SP Guaranteed, SP Harlem, SP Holdthasigreen, SP Home By Midnight, SP Home Ground, SP In A Twinkling, SP Invictus Prince, SP Jaameh, SP Jack Regan, SP Japan, SP Johannes Vermeer, SP Kiarra Rose, SP Kings Full, SP Kiwia, SP Knight Errant, SP Libran, SP Low Sun, SP Luvaluva, SP Maid Of Heaven, SP Mawaany Machine, SP Mawaddy, SP Megablast, SP Merchant of Venice, SP Midterm, SP Mikki Swallow, SP Miners Miss, SP Miss Admiration, SP Mootasadir, SP Mr Marathon Man, SP Mugatoo, SP Nakeeta, SP Naval Warfare, SP Nelson, SP Nikkei, SP Northwest Passage, SP Old Persian, SP Once Were Lost, SP Orderofthegarter, SP Our Libretto, SP Platinum Invador, SP Prince Ziggy, SP Prize Money, SP Prying Tom, SP Pure Elation, SP Quorto, SP Raa Atoll, SP Rekindling, SP Rising Red, SP Runaway, SP San Remo, SP Savvy Oak, SP Scamper, SP Schabau, SP Seabrook, SP Sentimental Miss, SP Shake On It, SP Sikandarabad, SP Sikorsky, SP Silver River, SP Sixties Groove, SP Sky Boy, SP Sole Impact, SP Space Blues, SP Spanish Mission, SP Stargazer, SP Stars Of Carrum, SP Stradivarius, SP Stratum, SP Sydney Opera House, SP Tavlin, SP The Autumn Sun, SP The Candy Man, SP The Taj Mahal, SP Thinkin Big, SP Too Darn Hot, SP Torcedor, SP Unforgotten, SP Vadiyann, SP Venezuela, SP Vengeur Masque, SP Ventura Storm, SP Weather With You, SP Wells Fahr Go, SP Who Shot Thebarman, SP Wissahickon, SP Withhold, SP Yogi, SP Zacada, SP Zapurler, 50/1 VERY ELLEEGANT, SP Baghdad, SP Ben Vrackie, SP Brundtland, SP Capri, SP Communique, SP Dubai Tradition, SP Felaar, SP Flag Of Honour, SP Jon Snow (Fr), SP Kings Advice, SP Le Don De Vie, SP Look Twice, SP Lord Belvedere, SP Mekong, SP Nagano Gold, SP Roger Barows, SP Rondinella, SP Sir Eric, SP Thomas Hobson, SP Weekender, SP Wells Farhh Go

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Cheltenham - Tue 10 Mar 2020

Tue 10 Mar - 13:30 Cheltenham: Supreme Novices' Hurdle (Grade 1)

16/1 Malone Road, 16/1 Blue Sari, 20/1 Envoi Allen, 20/1 Le Berry, 25/1 Andy Dufresne, 25/1 Gypsy Island, 25/1 Fly Smart, 25/1 Dlauro, 25/1 Generation Text, 25/1 Mcfabulous, 33/1 Fils Spirituel, 33/1 Abacadabras, 33/1 Shishkin, 33/1 Get In The Queue, 33/1 Thyme Hill, 33/1 Baba Boom, 33/1 Beringer, 33/1 Fast Buck, 33/1 Jon Snow, 33/1 Beacon Edge, 33/1 Eagle Moon, 33/1 Elixir Dainay, 33/1 Embittered, 33/1 Getaway Gorgeous, 33/1 Glynn, 33/1 Hasanabad, 33/1 Longhouse Poet, 33/1 Meticulous, 33/1 Monkfish, 33/1 Vis Ta Loi, 40/1 Ask For Glory, 40/1 Soviet Pimpernel, 40/1 Fred, 40/1 King Roland, 40/1 Thebannerkingrebel, 40/1 Chantry House, 40/1 Ofalltheginjoints, 40/1 Old Jeroboam, 50/1 Nickolson, 50/1 Longhouse Sale, 50/1 Princess Vega, 50/1 Foveros, 50/1 Wild Max, 50/1 Arthurian Fame, 50/1 Daylight Katie, 50/1 Eden De Houx, 50/1 Enrilo, 50/1 Farouk De Cheneau, 50/1 Feu de Brasil, 50/1 Feu Du Bresil, 50/1 Glory And Fortune, 50/1 Nobby, 50/1 Overthetop, 50/1 Pacify, 50/1 Port Stanley, 50/1 Rayapour, 50/1 Sempo, 50/1 Sheshoon Sonny, 50/1 The Very Man, 66/1 Mister Coffey, 66/1 Flic Ou Voyou, 66/1 Proschema, 66/1 Calva D'auge, 66/1 Master Debonair, 66/1 Lossiemouth, 66/1 Paris Dixie, 66/1 Shanroe, 100/1 Father John, 100/1 Force Ten, 100/1 House Island, 100/1 Parody, 100/1 Presto, 200/1 Mr Muldoon, SP Abracadabras, SP Homeysuckle, SP Shiskin, SP Silver Streak, SP Thomas Hobson, SP Bluegill

Ante-Post odds available with 12 firms

Cheltenham - Wed 11 Mar 2020

Cheltenham - Thu 12 Mar 2020

Cheltenham - Fri 13 Mar 2020

Newmarket - Sat 2 May 2020

Sat 2 May - 15:35 Newmarket: Qipco 2000 Guineas Stakes (Group 1)

11/10 Pinatubo, 9/1 Earthlight, 14/1 Siskin, 14/1 Mogul, 16/1 Arizona, 16/1 Mohican Heights, 20/1 Victor Ludorum, 20/1 Palace Pier, 25/1 Wichita, 25/1 Kinross, 25/1 Encipher, 25/1 Royal Crusade, 33/1 Armory, 33/1 Man Of The Night, 33/1 Golden Horde, 33/1 Threat, 33/1 Pierre Lapin, 33/1 Al Madhar, 33/1 Geometrical, 33/1 Al Dabaran, 33/1 Darain, 33/1 Heaven Of Heavens, 33/1 Highest Ground, 33/1 Justifier, 33/1 Pistoletto, 33/1 Rapartee, 33/1 Royal Dornoch, 33/1 Temple Of Heaven, 40/1 Military March, 40/1 Mums Tipple, 40/1 Mythical, 40/1 Royal Lytham, 40/1 Al Suhail, 40/1 Monarch Of Egypt, 40/1 Southern Hills, 40/1 Cape Palace, 40/1 Paradiso, 40/1 Russian Emperor, 40/1 Well Of Wisdom, 40/1 Valdermoro, 40/1 Kameko, 40/1 Vatican City, 40/1 Misty Grey, 40/1 Ocean Atlantique, 40/1 Persia, 40/1 Runner 35, 40/1 Vitalogy, 40/1 Volkan Star, 50/1 Lope Y Fernandez, 50/1 Positive, 50/1 Enemy, 50/1 Tritonic, 50/1 Juan Elcano, 50/1 Thunderous, 50/1 Cormorant, 50/1 Emissary, 50/1 Atheel, 50/1 Bomb Proof, 50/1 Cepheus, 50/1 Dylan De Vega, 50/1 Harpocrates, 50/1 Higher Kingdom, 50/1 Highland Chief, 50/1 King Neptune, 50/1 Mascat, 50/1 Premier Power, 50/1 Red Epaulette, 50/1 Symbolize, 50/1 Ventura Rebel, 66/1 Molatham, 66/1 Platinum Star, 66/1 Mystery Power, 66/1 Tsar, 66/1 Kipling, 66/1 Fort Myers, 66/1 Year Of The Tiger, 66/1 Visinari, 66/1 Masteroffoxhounds, 66/1 Hong Kong, 66/1 Lampang, 66/1 Lazuli, 66/1 Cabot Hills, 66/1 Laser Show, 66/1 Ursa Minor, 66/1 King's Command,